Friday {Budget Buy}

Among the many other items I have written on my 'Must-Have' list, I've  been patiently waiting for the day I walked into an H&M store and spotted these amazing neon sandals. 

I first came across them about a month ago via H&M's catalog and immediately locked them into my memory as a necessary summer sandal. Not only are they simple in design, but the pop of neon adds the perfect amount of color to any look and more importantly, they were only $34.95!

I mean really ladies...is there really a better bargain than that? I think not!

So if you too are on the lookout for these highly coveted sandals, the following number 
{067212 5 0073 22 7} is the item number listed on the tag for those who are on a mad hunt for them!

Happy searching and have a great weekend ladies!

P.S. I'll be heading back home to California on Monday and words cannot describe how excited I am!