DIY {Ombre Dip-Dyed Shirt}

So here's what you'll need:

a denim chambray {I got mine from the Goodwill for $4!}
heavy duty gloves
a bucket
white vinegar {not pictured}

STEP 1:In the bucket, pour in {approx.} 3/4 of the bottle of bleach & add in 1/4 water.

STEP 2: Tie back the arms of the shirt to be sure they don't get bleached & dip the desired amount of the shirt into the water/bleach mixture.

STEP 3: After about 3 minutes, pour in {approx.} 1.5-2 cups of white vinegar. 
*The amount of vinegar you'll need depends on how much mixture you have. Don't be afraid to just eyeball it...that's what I did!*

STEP 4: At this point you'll see the shirt changing from blue to white. Move the shirt around periodically to be insure it's getting an even bleach. 

STEP 5: You may also start to notice orange spotting on the shirt. Don't panic {like I did}. This is simply a part of the process & the longer you let it sit in the mixture, the more it'll begin to fade out.

And wah-lah! A DIY Ombre Dip-Dyed shirt! And it looks pretty good if I don't say so myself. {hehe} Also be sure to wash the shirt on HOT when you're done. This will rid the shirt of any left over orange stains that came from the bleach.
*pic below is pre-wash*

And there we have it ladies. I hope you've enjoyed my DIY project & I most certainly encourage you all to take partake in your own DIY'ing this weekend! It's extremly easy and doesn't require alot of time or money and frankly, who doesn't love that?!


Wishing you all a fabulous, DIY project ensued weekend!



  1. about to try this on a junk shirt lol

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  3. Hi! So I've been looking at all the different ombre tutorials that I can find in preparation for making some shorts. I stumbled across yours and was pretty pleased at the suggestion to use vinegar to super-whiten the denim. So I added a few glugs of it to my bleach bath, and HOLY CRAP, the fumes almost knocked me out.

    Turns out when you mix bleach and vinegar (an acid) you can make chlorine gas, which was used as a weapon in World War 1. Who knew, right? Anyway, while I'm not asking you to remove this tutorial, could you please add a note of warning about mixing the bleach and vinegar in step 3? Just, you know, so everyone can be informed and stay safe? Thanks.