Confession: sometimes I'm just not in the mood to take pictures. Blog pictures that is.

As much as I enjoy getting dressed up & standing in front of a camera, there comes a time when working 40 hours a week, maintaining a blog, as well as working on outside projects & my career goals takes a major toll on me both mentally & physically. 

*Insert the world of  Instagram.*

But lucky for me & the other 150 million Instagram users (and yes, that number is accurate) I'm able to snap a picture showcasing my ootd (outfit of the day for you non-Instagram users) & not feel too bad for not posting an outfit here on

Needless to say the above images are a few old & more recent ootd pictures. If you already follow me on Instgram then well, these images are nothing new. But if you don't, then here's 8 new outfits that are sure to keep you over until my next blog post. LOL.

Thanks for listening girls & Happy Thursday!