Spring Prep

--> Left to Right: <--
Forever 21 tote
Mossimo jumpsuit
Zara jacket 
Forever 21 sunnies
H&M shirt
NARS lip pencil
Mossmio sneakers
New Balance x J.Crew sneakers
H&M shorts
Forever 21 polishes

Greetings girls!

With spring only 1 month {& 2 days} away, I've been on the lookout for statement pieces that'll liven up my wardrobe w/ ease for the coming warmer months. 

Yesterday my mom & I headed to San Francisco to do a little shopping & I must admit I left w/ {a few} more bags than I'd originally anticipated. *See the above.* But on the flip side, everything I purchased was reasonably priced price & are amazing pieces that I'm sure to utilize.

Hopefully my purchases spring you all into a warmer & brighter state of mind. Especially all you east-coasters!