S A V E or Splurge


If you caught my last YouTube video, then you would know that I've been fanning over the brand Harvey Faircloth for a while and actually scored this jacket for 75% off from the Nordstrom end-of-the-season sale. But much to my surprise the other day while scrolling the Who What Wear x Target collection did I see this Harvery Faircloth dupe for a mere FRACTION of the price! It took me by surprise so much so that I had to close the browser and go back onto the Target website because I truly thought I saw THEE actual Harvey Faircloth jacket on their site!

But no, I wasn't seeing things. The amazing WWW team has come out with their version of the HF field jacket but for under $50 for all the girls, self included, that can't afford to pay a whopping $450+ for the HF version! And while the style isn't exactly for everyone, I immediately added two sizes to my cart and checked out as I instantly knew this would be a  piece I would get a ton of wear out of this fall.

I'm still awaiting its arrival in the mail but I'm thoroughly looking forward to seeing how it looks and feels in person so be sure to stay tuned to my IG to hear what I think about it! 

Have a great weekend!