Top 10 Topshop

Vest. Polish. Blush. Heels. Denim skirt. Jacket. Skirt. Flats. Purse

So the time of year has come when you're not really sure if you should keep summer shopping or give it a rest and set your sights on fall fashion. As a Californian, it never fails that Indian summer rolls around at the beginning of fall gracing us with at least another month of 80 degree weather. And if you know anything about me then you'd know that once August is over, I'm all about my fall fashion.

Nonetheless because I'll be traveling at the end of September, I've been wish-listing a few things earlier than usual hoping to find some pieces to not only accompany me on my trip, but to also add to my fall/winter wardrobe. And though Topshop isn't usually a go-to brand for me, they've been giving me some work, play, and travel appropriateness and therefore have made it to the blog.