12 Stylish Gifts for the Stylish Valentine

Miansai bracelet. DVF cardholder. Sephora lipstick set. Le Specs sunnies. Korres brightening oil. Ban.Do phone case.  Argento Vivo necklace.  Diptyque perfume. Kate Spade speaker. Tory Burch espadrilles. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics polish. Georgia Perry pin. 

Valentine's Day is exactly 5 days away so I thought I'd share some of my favorite gifts for the ultra-stylish mother, sister, daughter, or bestie in your life! 


Currently CRAVING: Spring Edit

Maison Margiela perfume + candle. Madewell skirt. Sarah Chloe ring. See by Chloe sandals. Melissa Joy Manning earrings. Caseify phone case. Jonathan Adler candle. Tory Burch key fob. Pixi glow mist. Brother Vellies sandals. Le Specs sunglasses.

I'm officially one month in on my 3-month no shopping challenge -deets on that here- & so far, I haven't broken out in hives or suffered any emotional breakdowns. And that's pretty good if you ask me. Along with not shopping for the first quarter of the year, I'm also challenging myself to purchase only 15 things for the entire year. In doing so, I hope to not only refine my {style} palette but force myself think that much harder about the things I do purchase: Is this something I TRULY love? Can I utilize it 3, 6, or even 12 months from now?

Needless to say during this whole 'no shopping because you're trying to be an adult & be wiser with your money' challenge, my wishlists have been overflowing with things I'm considering purchasing come April. These Brother Vellies sandals are definitely a go -last seen here- & upon sampling this Maison Margiela perfume, I have a feeling it'll quickly become my go-to spring/summer scent!

Quite a few of you have written me saying you too will challenge yourself to join my 'no shopping' journey and/or only purchase a certain number of items for the year. It's definitely easier said then done but honestly, once you get the hang of it, it's kind of easy. So to those of you who actually will participate, let's keep in touch! Feel free to email or leave me comments below about your progress!


Girl Boss Chronicles w/ Jayla Koriyan

Happy Monday girls!

So I’m switching things up a bit today as I’ve had the recent pleasure of interviewing Jayla Koriyan, an amazing fashion, beauty, & lifestyle YouTube personality behind two YouTube channels, -Jayla Koriyan TV & Jayla Koriyan-, a 360K+ ‘Glam-Squad’ following, & frankly, the title of being a downright girl boss in the making! Not only is this 21-year old a budding entrepreneur but also a college student double-majoring in Fashion Merchandising & Advertising, Marketing, & Communications. In addition to beating faces & sharing her fashion favorites, Jayla also takes us behind the scenes into her life where she discusses dating & relationships, money, college life, & most importantly, how to get the most out of your 24-hours just like Beyoncè.


              So tell me, who are you, where are you from, & how did your YouTube career start?                                

Well, I’m 21 year-old college student from a small town in North Carolina with a love of all things hair, makeup, beauty, & fashion. I actually started YouTubing when I was 13 after watching other hair & beauty YouTubers & thinking to myself, ‘I can do that too.’ And well, that’s exactly what I did. On a few occasions my grandmother would actually help hold the camera & I would sit, do makeup tutorials, & talk about things I loved. It’s actually crazy because back then, as a high-schooler, I was quite embarrassed to have a YouTube channel. It was kind of awkward being known as the girl who would just sit & talk in front of a camera but upon entering college I decided to really embrace it & frankly, it’s paid off.

 So what are your channels about & what was your inspiration behind creating the two?

So my initial channel –Jayla Koriyan- started out as beauty, hair, & makeup tutorials but once I went to school, I would talk about thingslike what to take to college, how to decorate your dorm room, & the overall college life experience. That’s when people really started to take notice. I decided to create a second channel –Jayla Koriyan TV- as more of a behind-the-scenes look into my life & my beauty channel as my professional portfolio. Kind of like having the best of both worlds. 

As a fellow YouTuber, I’m always trying to find time & new ways to create fun & engaging content. Where do you find the time to continuously create new work & how do you find inspiration to keep your audience engaged & coming back?

As far as time goes, I literally take it day-by-day. I try not to think too much about the future but I also have to keep in mind that my audience is always looking to me for new content. And when it comes to inspiration, I actually tend to find a lot of it from them! Many of my social media followers will ask me to do tutorials of my hair and/or makeup that I’m wearing that day. Sometimes it seems so basic to me but if it’s something they request, I have to give it to them. Over the years of having my channels, particularly my vlog, I’ve become a lot more open & in turn, my audience appreciates it. I recently spoke about my 3-year relationship ending & they liked it. Not necessarily the whole breaking up aspect but more so the fact that it’s a relatable situation we’ve all been through. And once you become relatable, your audience respects & loves you that much more & continues to come back. 

Your brand is going in such an amazing direction right now! What’s next for Jayla Koriyan?

So right now I’m actually planning a college tour! I recently asked on Instagram what schools people would like to see me at & I got over 700 replies so I’m definitely working to make that happen later this year! I’m also coming out with a book & possibly working with Seventeen Magazine! I came into 2016 claiming it to be my year of success & that’s exactly how I plan on seeing it out!


One thing this interview definitely put back into perspective for me is that it CAN be done! Whether your it may be working out more, starting your own business, traveling the world, or simply taking more time out for yourself, just do it! Don’t wait another day or allow your circumstances to keep you from pursuing your passion. Take it one day at a time & in the words of Jayla, “…just try not to think too much into the future.”