Honestly // Truly, the Best Slip Dress


Dress. Jacket // n/a but loving this one for fall!  Mules: Gucci // similar style here + here. // Hat. Bag.  Sunnies


Ladies, I think I finally found the perfect slip dress. But before I continue, late nights + early mornings = wrinkled dresses. *Don't judge me.* Nonetheless, I repeat, I think I finally found the perfect slip dress! And even better, it's under $30! 

I've been on the hunt for a classic slip dress for years and as a girl with hips, thighs and a bust, it hasn't been the easiest. But one day while strolling through Target, I stumbled across this dress, immediately tried it on and much to my surprise, found it to be "the one!" It's shockingly thick, has slits on both sides, has a second layer of fabric near the bust to opt out of a bra and also comes in this fun print!

I'm usually not one to buy multiples of the same thing but ya'll, I think I just may have to do so. *I plan on getting the second one made into a mini version for nights out!* Nonetheless if you're in the market for a well-made and classic slip dress, I HIGHLY recommend checking this one out!

And p.s., it runs slightly big so size down or order two sizes!


Hi || Lo in IRO


Shirt: Who What Wear // similar style here + here// Skirt. -Still on MAJOR SALE!- Sandals // old but similar here. // Bag. Sunnies


Hey ladies, I hope your week has been off to a great start. Mines kicked off a little rough as I've been self-treating hives for the past 4 days -blame it on good times in Belize- and between itching and scabbing all over the place combined with a high of 95 degrees almost everyday, it's been a bit rough. But God is still good + I'm still living the blessed life so I really can't complain! 

Anywho, I finally got around to wearing this IRO PARIS skirt that I last featured here and I must say, I'm completely obsessed w/ it. Not only did I score it for $88, originally $355 -and yes girl, it's still available at that price,- I also love the left-to-right hi-lo hem, fun floral print and its semi-sheer material. It's perfect for this end-of-the-summer heat we're experiencing here in the Bay but will also be great paired with combat boots -still on the hunt for the perfect pair- and an oversized sweater for fall! 

H A P P Y  T U E S D A Y ! Xx0

|| Fall Prep || w/ H + M

R O W 1 : Shirt. Jeans. Jacket. Boots. Sweater.

R O W 2 : Cami. Pants. Shoes. Sweater. Jumpsuit.

R O W 3 : Shoes. Pants. Jacket. Earrings. Dress.

So yeah, I'm pretty much ready for fall. I've mentioned before that come mid-August I'm completely over summer weather and thoroughly looking forward light layers and autumnal colors. But as a Californian, I also know that Indian summer is just around the corner thus delaying that desire even more.

Nonetheless, there's no harm in slowly acquiring some pre-fall pieces and let me just say that H&M has an amazing assortment to choose from so be sure to check it out!


Nothing to Wear Weekends

Let's face it. We've all had those days of looking at closet full of clothes, yet have nothing to wear. I think it's assumed that as a blogger, especially a style blogger, you have a wardrobe full of clothes, new options to choose from everyday. And for some, that may be true. But certainly not for me.

I have one adjustable garment rack that I keep about 8-10 new pieces on and a closet that holds my entire wardrobe, shoes and bags included. Additionally, I'm a firm believer in cleaning out my closet bi-monthly to avoid collecting things I've never worn or don't plan on wearing.                     -Some, i.e. my mom, could argue that I do it too often thus resulting in this spiel.-

Nonetheless, this particular day was one of those days when my hair wasn't done, it was practically 100 degrees out and I just couldn't be bothered. So I grabbed my trusty Zara cropped t-shirt that I've had for about 3 years now, an H&M skirt I scored on sale last season and my Wrap Life head wrap because again, I couldn't be bothered. 

All in all, just when you think you have nothing to wear, get yourself together and create something to wear. Xx

Skirt // old but similar style here here + here. // Shoes. Head wrap. Bag // Clare V. Last seen here

Summer Dressing in C H L O E

Dress: n/a but loving this this + this option! Sandals. // Also in pink. // Sunnies. Clutch: vintage. Hat // similar style under $50! //

It goes without saying that I'm having a mini moment with dresses. It's currently the peak of summer heat here in the Bay -90 to be exact as I write this- and per usual, I'm sure the heat will continue well into August  -and even into September- thanks to Indian Summer.

I scored this dress for $25 about a month ago and kept it in my closet for the perfect summer day and well, today was the day. It's no longer available but I've linked a few similar styles I think you'll love that's not only perfect for the remainder of this summer, but summers to come. 

Enjoy + thanks for stopping by! Xx