Fall FOUR Ways

Left to Right:
LOOK 1: Dress. Shoes. Purse {on sale!} Earrings {under $50}.
LOOK 2: Sunnies. Lippie. Jacket {similar style here & here}. Booties. Skirt.
LOOK 3: Shoes {similar style here }. Glasses. Sweatshirt. Shorts {similar style here}. Polish.
LOOK 4: Jeans. Shoes. Jacket. Earrings

Ok, so is it clear yet that I'm over the summer and anxiously awaiting for fall to make its way in? I don't know what it is about this year in particular, but I'm craving grey clouds and misty days beyond belief and sadly, these stores {with their amazing pre-fall pieces} aren't helping.

I recently took inventory of my closet and noticed that one color I was missing in particular was pink! Whether in small accessories and shoes or various nail and lip colors, I plan on adding a few more {wearable} pink pieces to my wardrobe in addition to the usual suspects of grey, green, and blue.

Wishing you all an amazing humpday and if you're feeling the way I'm feeling about fall {fashion} leave a comment below and we'll get through it together,  one day at a time.