Save or Splurge

SAVE:: Forever 21 sweater. Bauble Bar earrings. Forever 21 backpack. Topshop shorts & shoes.
SPLURGE:: Phillip Lim backpack. Loeffler Randall shoes. Vita Fede earrings. Rag & Bone sweater. SCOOP shorts

If you've been following my blog for some time then you'd probably know how much I relish in finding {practically} identical products at a much cheaper price.
 Though I love a good  "investment" moment every now-and-again, realistically, there are more days then not when I don't want to "invest" or frankly can't afford to. 

Needless to say, I've got a major crush on the splurge items above but can't fathom paying (at least not right now) $400 for a cotton sweater or practically $600 on a pair of earrings!

All I have to say is thank God I'm an e-commerce shop-a-holic -catch the irony- because I came across some amazing comparative pieces for not even a quarter of the price-point! 
*pats self on the back*

Happy Saving!