Windy Weekends

Jakcet: J.Crew {similar style here & here}. Shirt: James + DeRosa. Sweats: J.Crew {similar style}. Shoes: Target {similar style}. Pouch: J.Crew {old}. Brooches: vintage Chanel. Turban headband: DIY.

Sweats on a Saturday? How woulda thunk it?!

Happy Monday girls!

 I hope your weekend went without a hitch & that your Monday has started off with a bang!

Over the weekend my mom & I visited our local marina {which I hadn't been to in years} & though it was windier than anticipated, I couldn't help but capture the sailboats that casually rocked back n' forth due to the gusty winds.

After pictures we proceeded about our day stopping off at a camera store {in preparation for my come-back on YouTube} & then to Target to check out what I could possibly waste my money on.

Though we left free & clear {milk & granola bars don't count}, I spotted my white sandals on a previous trip for $15 & obviously couldn't leave the store without them!  

* Dear Target, please stop! Thanks.*

Paired with the comfiest sweats I own, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible yet still stylish in own way. I encourage every gal to own a pair of sweats that you can easily toss on w/ a pair of sandals {or flats} & not have to think much more about. Because believe you me, it'll save you a whole lot of time & an even bigger headache in the end!