LEOPARD Print Skirt

“Did every woman in Manhattan wake up one morning and decide to buy a leopard-print midi skirt?” Leopard Midi Skirt (IG)


It seems to be that ‘florals for spring’ is no longer a thing according to today’s stylish millennial. I initially splurged on the cult-favorite Realisation Par ‘Wild Things’ skirt last fall -you can see how I styled it on IG- and though I still love it, I couldn’t resist grabbing this one from H&M back in March. I make it a point not to have too many ‘same-but-different’ pieces in my wardrobe but this one was just too good to pass up.

For $25, the price was perfect and the fit is even better. It hugs in all the right places but also conceals the areas I prefer not to showcase. And because it’s not silk like its RP counterpart, I’m free to wear it without the fear of somehow ripping or staining it. Sadly it’s no longer available but I’m loving this one for under $60.