From PARIS Pt. Un

The Arc de Triomphe: one of Paris' most famous monuments & the first official stop on my trip. It was probably around 60 degrees this morning & I had the audacity to have on sandals. #theweathermanstraightlied

The benefits of staying in a flat? Coming "home" to homemade dinners using the freshest ingredients Paris had to offer! {Thanks Tiff!}

Fact: EVERYONE in Paris owns a pair of Stan Smiths. Get with it. 

 {Shirt. Skirt. Sneakers.}

The obligatory Eiffel Tower shot. 

To know me is to know I love a good farmer's market & Paris was full of them.

Browsing through Fendi at Le Bon Marchè.

Breathtaking architecture along Champs-Elysées.

It's safe to say the Parisians like their hot chocolate much like I do: slightly bittersweet topped with a little foam & dusted with cocoa. Simple but perfect.

Day 1 #ootd i.e. the outfit I wore to the see the Arc de Triomphe. I froze, but I was still cute though! {LoL} Dress


My trip to Paris was nothing short of amazing. Everything from the quaint neighborhoods filled with busy commuters and first-time visitors  to the simplistic yet mouth-watering croissants and pastries, -the girls and I feasted on these way too much-,  Paris is undoubteably that one place everyone can enjoy.

Despite the fact that I was sick the last 2 days, I still managed to enjoy every aspect of my trip. From the second-hand smoked I inhaled for 10 days straight to the language barrier I experienced on one too many late-night metro rides, Paris is by far a melting pot of amazing food, historical sightings, and of course, great fashion.

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