Anya Hindmarch vs Skinnydip

If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen this picture I posted a few weeks ago showcasing my new Anya Hindmarch leather stickers. If you aren't familiar with this name, Anya Hindmarch is a London based bag & accessories designer who {overnight} created a name for herself with her iconic leather stickers. Upon them dropping {first on Net-A-Porter}, they sold out immediately & quickly became all-the-rage in fashion, particularly for the girls who love to accessorize their bags and/or leather goods. 

Fast forward a few months & I'm casually browsing through bag accessories at Nordstrom & come across Skinnydip, a {too} London-based accessories brand specializing in fun & quirky stickers, pouches, and phone cases. I couldn't help but compare their stickers to Anya Hindmarch's because, well, they certainly are serving me the same tea, but for half the price! Well actually, more like three-fourths the price, i.e. 75% for those not so great w/ numbers. 

Upon closer inspection, I found that Skinnydip's stickers are made from a plush, polyurenthane material, almost similar to terry cloth whereas the Anya Hindmarch's are 100% genuine leather. {Hence one reason for the "investment-like" price point. Stickers range between $65- $200 depending on their size & detail}. 

Nonetheless if you too love adding a fun & quirky touch to your accessories, check out both Anya Hindmarch & Skinnydip stickers! Links will be below!

ANYA HINDMARCH: Peace. Yes! Stop. 2Arrow

SKINNYDIP: C. OMG. Fan Girl set. B